In the telecommunication sector, where fierce competition is experienced, and sustainable growth is achieved every year, companies have to respond to all the needs of their customers appropriately by moving beyond their traditional ways of doing business. The quality of after-sales services is as critical as the quality of the provided service. In order to conclude the problems encountered in the collection processes with absolute customer satisfaction, it is quite important to manage the processes meticulously. 

/etcBASE, which has more than 26 years of knowledge and experience in the management of overdue subscriber receivables, has brought a breath of fresh air into the sector with its “YTS Telekom” version customized in the direction of the demands and strategies of GSM operators and internet service providers.  


You can; 

  • customize your collection operations and exchange of services with external companies (law firms and call centers), according to your changing strategies in a rapid manner, thanks to the efficacious call center integration and dynamic organizational structure of YTS Telekom,  
  • carry out your administrative and legal proceeding processes by including the collateral responsibilities of your legal customers with a letter of guarantee and/or surety bond in the receivable, 
  • manage your line opening/closing processes starting from the moment the file debt is closed, by making collections online from your bank branches and subscriber over the current enforcement balance, with effective online collection integration, 
  • ensure that your receivables due to device usage are paid in installments at an early stage (before administrative/legal proceedings).