Retail is the sector with the highest level of competition worldwide and proper customer relationship management is unquestionably the key point of this industry. Retailers, who strive in order to be the preferred brand by offering innovative solutions to their customers in every field, should use the best practices in the field of collection and manage customer relations professionally at the payment stage as well. 

YTS Retail, a solution customized according to the dynamics of the retail industry, accelerates the proceedings and managing the term products whose sales conditions are determined by contract and the repayments of products sold for promissory note. 


“Customer relations sensitivity” 

  • YTS Retail, allows you to manage your collection processes primarily through administrative proceedings (phone call, re-installment, SMS, letter, and etc.) considering the importance of your long-term relationships with your customers, 
  • You can create variable message content templates according to the type and delay time of your receivables and determined the means of communication such as notification letters and SMS to be sent to the debtors and guarantors, as well as you can produce and send smart messages in line with your corporate language through the system.  
  • Thanks to the PTT integration, your letters can be reached directly to the PTT, as well as both your SMS messages can be sent online and the results of all messages can be tracked through the system. 
  • YTS Retail was designed in a structure suitable for integrating into the industry-specific internal processes. In case unpaid product sales on the grounds that it is defective or faulty, for instance, it can suspend the collection process and assign instructions/work to the relevant teams for on-site detection. If it is determined that the product sold is flawless, the collection processes can be sustained in a healthy way from the point where it was left off.  


“An efficient operation” 

With YTS Retail, which has simple and user-friendly interfaces, you can have numerous advantages such as 


  • monthly delay interest calculations to be charged to the arrearages as of the due date, 
  • automatically defaulting of all undue installments by making them undue in case consecutive installments are not paid 
  • Up-to-date balance display on customer basis and/or contract (or bills) basis at any time 
  • providing payment facilities, such as installments, discounts, and etc. over the balances in question, 


and receive your collections on time by accelerating human power and many error-prone processes and operations.