Our Quality Policy

Quality is an integral part and critical dimension of all processes in software development, technical support, and internal operations of /etcBASE. For us, "the quality" is responding to the specified or potential customer requirements each time, pursuant to the expectations in a timely manner. Legal conditions, contractual requirements, customer priorities, and company culture are taken into consideration in determining all corporate goals, designing and developing the entire processes, and preparing the investment and resource plans. Our critical business processes and management system, supported by the integration of quality and other standards, are periodically reviewed. Correspondingly, improvement plans are created and necessary actions are taken. 

Our Policy of Information Security 

Information Security is an indispensable part and critical dimension of business processes that we perform. All stages such as determining company targets, designing and developing processes are carried out on the basis of information security conditions and /etcBASE policies in this regard. Legal and corporate customer requirements are primarily taken into account in all activities such as planning, implementation, control, and improvement, and all results are recorded. In order to achieve effective and safe management of critical business processes and information assets, risk analyzes and risk assessments are constantly reviewed in line with the changing conditions, and necessary actions are taken in this respect. 

All processes, policies, and related practices about information security are periodically revised by the senior management and necessary improvements are planned accordingly.  

Our information security system is built on three main elements: 

Security: The principle of preventing unauthorized access to critical information. 

Integrity: The principle of maintaining the accuracy and integrity of the information and keeping all its components so that they can be used safely. 

Accessibility: The principle of that authorized persons can access information by using the relevant methods through defined channels, within the limits of their authority, when necessary and needed