Penalty and payment processes for tollroads, which have become one of the major components of transportation as a requirement of globalization can be brought under control with YTS Highway.  

YTS Highway can productively manage receivables generating from tollbooths and/or automatic toll collection points during the passage violation and entire collection processes, from the moment of violation occurs until the end of the 15-day payment period and from the 16th day until the collection through administrative and/or legal proceedings. 

Working in an online integrated manner with 

  • Fee collection system, 
  • Accounting system, 
  • General Directorate of Highways, 
  • General Directorate of Security, 
  • Online Collection Channels (Banks, Web Site, Mobile, etc.), 
  • T.R. Ministry of Justice UYAP, 


YTS Highway enables service providers to increase, effectively manage and report their collections of violated passage fee with penalty . 

With YTS Highway, you can carry out your collection processes by reporting the balance on the basis of the addressee, on the basis of the plate, and/or on the basis of the violation, through the collection channels such as bank branches, tollbooth, and web sites, regardless of the degree of the passage violation. 

You can monitor and manage “tollroad violation-collection” matches early in your YTS Highway fleet files, which consists of hundreds of vehicles and thousands of violated transition records. 

You can report the balance on the basis of the debtor company, initiate the legal proceedings of the expired violations, easily make transactions such as debt installments and discounts over the entire balance of the debtor company or on the basis of selected plates.