Our Human Resources Policy

On our way we start off with the belief that investing in human resources contributes the greatest value to the companies, our principal human resources policy is to establish the right team for the right project and to support the development of the teams, by bringing together the experts, who have the most appropriate qualifications and criteria for the related job and are highly motivated and open to development. Therefore we prioritize the investment in human resources with the belief that human is the most important capital of an institution. 


The fundamental human resources principles adopted by /etcBASE are; 

  • Employing the right person for the right project, 
  • Keeping the motivation of employees at all levels high, 
  • Analyzing the training requirements of the employees and offering the appropriate training programs, 
  • Determining the performance criteria of the employees accurately and making an objective evaluation accordingly, 
  • Defining the promotion criteria clearly, informing the employees about that, and completing the promotion processes at the end of the appropriate evaluations, 
  • Increasing the loyalty of the employees to the organization by taking into consideration the opinions and suggestions of the employees, 
  • Protecting all personal rights of employees.