With nearly three decades of experience and knowledge in the management of overdue receivables, which are constantly increasing with the impact of economic conditions, in the most appropriate way to the unique operations and changing strategies of the financial world, /etcBASE has been in the service of its customers. 

/etcBASE, which offers a wide range of solutions to  the financial sector, from unsecured personal loan receivables to complex commercial loan receivables that differ in themselves, has full knowledge of the process practices of Turkey's largest banks in the management of overdue receivables. 

We offer solutions that can manage the entire process end-to-end in full integration with corporate systems from the early stage (0-90 days) when debts are overdue to administrative and legal proceedings. 

We create added value in the collection management processes of financial institutions through our application infrastructure fully compatible with BRSA's support services regulation and corporate security policy/procedures, our awareness, and our service concept.