Proceeding and collection of many bills generating from electricity, natural gas, and water, the abundance of the bills, and the lack of proceedings may result in serious problems sometimes for institutions and subscribers. 

For the proceeding, collection and management of overdue invoice accruals, fully integrated with 


  • subscriber systems, 
  • accounting systems, 
  • document management systems, 
  • call centers, 
  • collection channels such as counter, bank, internet 
  • T.R. Ministry of Justice UYAP 
  • balance information, collection distribution, installment, and discount on a subscriber basis, subscription basis and invoice basis 
  • interactive integration structure with your internal processes such as electricity subscription/cancellation that are of critical importance for both subscribers in the legal proceeding process and energy distribution companies - notification for transactions such as proceeding initiation, collection, file closing, etc.  
  • You can solve your collection problems before they become major obstacles, through web-based YTS Energy, customized in accordance with the dynamics and concepts of the energy sector while providing balance notification and online collection opportunities for files in the Legal Tracking phase, through bank branches, online banking channels, accompanied by information such as "Installation Number”, “Contract Number”, “Invoice Type”, “Billing Period” and “Legal Proceeding Status”.