With "YTS UYAP Corporate”, we offer our customers a service infrastructure where access opportunities provided by the Ministry of Justice to institutions within the scope of "Corporate UYAP Portal Subscription" containing restrictions in terms of the institutions’ operations turn into maximum benefit with the experience and innovative approach of /etcBASE. 

YTS UYAP Corporate, which is offered with a structure independent of our YTS (Legal Proceedings System) product, but includes all the operational/infrastructural richness of it, is a set of services where 

  • All your closed and open UYAP files and processing, each of which is kept in a separate file and disorganized manner, can be recorded and monitored in a consolidated manner through the UYAP Corporate Portal, 
  • Financial items such as collections, advances, expenses, fees, and refusals can be tracked in a consolidated way on a file basis and/or related files basis, 
  • Your matching files in your legal proceedings system and the T.R. Ministry of Justice UYAP system can be automatically determined thanks to our file matching mechanisms and sent to the institution's legal tracking system by distinguishing between "exactly matching files" and “files that can be matched”, 
  • Both staff users and contracted law firm users can view the UYAP file with all its details in relation to the YTS file in case of an exact match, 
  • You can make general analysis for your fees, expenses, advances, and collections that have not yet been returned to your accounts in all your open and/or closed files and take action completely for your pending receivables in this way