UYAP Task Manager (UGY), which can be used fully integrated with YTS and/or independently from it, is the only product that enables lawyers to realize the legal transactions they carry out through UYAP in the following ways: 

  • Online directly via YTS, without using flash memory and external robot applications 
  • By uploading batch task files (proceeding list, asset queries list, lien request list, attachment, etc.) to the UGY platform 
  • Untouched/automatically with smart and batch processing mechanism 
  • Initiation with a single click over a singular YTS leagal followup file  


Is a reflection of 26 years long experience of /etcBASE.

It is a paltform developed by industry standard technologies by considering today's conditions in which compliance with the regulatory and audit criteria of regulatory authorities such as KVKK, BDDK, EPDK, BTK  is of vital importance and "benefit", "cost", "speed" and "security" are indispensable. 

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