Real Estate Management System (GYS) is a web-based software product that enables the execution of extremely critical "appraisement" and "mortgage establishment" transactions which have extreme importance in the "credit allocation" and "credit extension" processes of banks, in coordination with branches, CMB licensed appraisal companies, real estate appraisers, and law firms as well as integrated with other bank systems. 

GYS contains automatic production of appraisal reports of real estate (mortgages) pledges received by banks in return for "Housing Loans" and "Commercial Loans" provided to the customers through external appraisal firms before loan approval, and also management and operation of the processes of establishing a bank mortgage on real estate through lawyers after the loan is approved. 

Enabling "Appraisal Management" and "Mortgage Establishment Management" modules to be used independently or in combination, and also in integration with the bank systems, GYS expedites the credit allocation and credit extension processes of banks and provides operational efficiency in multiple and routine transactions such as re-appraisal, tax, insurance, etc.). 

GYS - Appraisal Management Module; 

This module is used in the automatic generation of expertise reports, that contains a plethora of information such as whether the value of real estate taken by banks as collateral for loans to be used by customers is lower than the requested amount, whether there are other limitations such as mortgages and attachments on the related real estate, housing and development suitability, and the automation of the bank's relevant business processes. 

GYS - Mortgage Establishment Management Module; 

At the end of the loan allocation phase, if the customer's loan request is approved, GYS ensures the mortgage facility functions that are mainly supported by the data generated during the appraisal process are carried out end-to-end and integrated with the corporate systems through the relevant unit of the institution, the institution's lawyers and/or the contracted external law firms.